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 The largest and arguably the most beautiful of all the Valleys in the Himalayas is Kashmir. Bound by the Pir Panjals in the South and the Great Himalaya in the North it offers some of the finest Trekking in the Himalayas. There are various Treks which have been done in Kashmir and many of them leading out of the Valley actually follow the migration Route of the Great Trekkers of the region, the Gujjar and Bakarwal Shepherds. With the potential to Trek in the Pir Panjals as well as the Great Himalayas it is the perfect  Trekking destination. Adding to the charm is the existence of more than a 1000 Alpine Lakes that dot the Mountains around the Valley. 

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Kashmir Great Lakes trek is one of the most beautiful treks of India. If there’s a paradise on earth, it is definitely Kashmir. 

These jeweled lakes are hidden from the crowd, between the mountains 

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Chaddar Trek 2019 @ 23900


Chadar refers to the frozen lake with sheets of ice that forms over the Zanskar River. And it transforms itself from the fast and rapidly flowing river into a white coat of ice during winter. The river becomes frozen glass ice ranging from a bluish tinge to golden yellow when the sun touches the frozen river bed during the sunset. This trek journey is unique and magical to describe the experience.

 Ice is more stable in February for the proper roads

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Harmukh Valley Trek @ 13400


Harmukh Valley trek is an amazing alpine trail . Camping beside the Gangbal Lake (the largest alpine lake of Kashmir) and beholding the lofty Mount Harmukh towering at the height of 5142 meters, 4th highest mountain of Valley.

Known as the Eiger of Kashmir, it was from Mount Harmukh that Thomas Montgomery, a great trigonometric surveyor, first discovered K1 and K2 Mountains in 1865. The Gangbal Lake is considered the river Ganges in Shivism.

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Marchoi Valley Trek @ 12999


Marchoi Trek, known as the paradise of anglers, takes to the utmost wilderness with a short trek. The Marchoi Valley has both historical and religious significances holding the ruins of ancient Shiv temple.  It has thick pine forests, gushing streams and wild bird species. The valley is a frequent route for Bakerwals (nomads) taking their cattle for the grazing in the upper meadows. The trek is mild and can be done in every season offering different experiences.

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Mohand Marg Trek @ 10100


Mohand Marg is an alpine meadow of Kashmir Himalayas.  The meadow was home to the great Hungarian-born British Explorer, Archeologist and Scholar of Sanskrit Sir Aurel Stein. Sir Aurel Stein first came to Mohand Marg in 1895 where he started his accounts on Rajatarangini, a 12th century CE historical chronicle of the north-western Indian subcontinent.  Sir Aurel Stein had wished to get his burial in the Mohand Marg but left the meadow in 1934 for his work and died in Kabul.

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Vishnusar - Krishnasar Trek @ 13800


Vishansar Lake is an alpine oligotrophic lake holding both historical and religious significance in the sub-continent. The lake freezes in winters and nourishes many types of fish like brown trout. It is one the best traverses in the Middle Himalayas. A short walk from the Vishansar Lake takes into its twin lake, the Kishansar Lake.

The lake has a scenic beauty, circled by snow-peaked mountains with glaciers formed on the gorges of the mountains and the meadows bearing wild flowers birds.

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Sarbal Thajwas Valley Trek @ 9888


This trek starts from the last village of Kashmir Valley towards north-east. The village is famous for porters that take devotees to the holy Amaranth cave. The trek has three alpine lakes on its route, and one being the highest altitude (4605) lake in Kashmir. On the way, one experiences two alpine meadows, Kolahoi Pass (highest in Sind valley), eight technical cliffs, six glacier beds and Thajwas wild life sanctuary.

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